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Helping You Execute On Your Strategy


What is StratExLead

We created StratExLead to assist organizations with their end-to-end Transformations.

Our team can help in all steps of your transition - whether your company is making the shift from a high-fixed cost legacy structure to a more nimble, streamlined, lower-cost organization, or to meet your goals to truly become a Digital Organization.

Where we really add value is in the Execution and Leadership of the Transformation.  When you have developed the framework of where you want to go compared to where you are today, we bring leadership  willing to push the envelope, challenge thinking, bring staff along the change continuum, and break the mold. We bring the external expertise you need to truly transform your organization.

If it was easy for your internal team to transform your organization – your internal team would have already transformed your organization.

What We Can Do

Contact us if you’re looking for help in leading major initiatives, including:

  • Structural cost reduction

  • Post-merger integration

  • Major project leadership, where internal executives are either stretched too thin or do not possess the skills and/ or impetus required to lead difficult, controversial programs

  • “Executive for Hire” – short or mid-term such as maternity leave or unplanned absences of 3-12 months; to step in and hit the ground running from day one

We can provide customized solutions, from an on-the-ground leader, making the transformation happen; to an on-call advisor, able to help answer questions and challenge assumptions; to setting up challenge sessions where all major decisions are examined in advance of milestone points.

For more information, contact us at 

Our Experience

Our team members have expertise across Financial Services:

  • Investment Banking

  • Retail Branch Transformation

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Digital and Online Banking

  • Treasury Solutions

  • Securities and Fund Services

  • Asset Management

  • Pensions and Insurance

In addition to Financial Services, our team has worked with clients and partners in numerous industries, including:

  • Retail and Consumer Products

  • Oil and Gas

  • Technology

  • Government and Public Sector

  • Healthcare

We have led major projects around the world, for clients in jurisdictions as diverse as the US, Canada, UK, India, Korea, Poland, Bermuda, Brazil, and Argentina.

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